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Astrology and Gemstone remedy

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so that you’ve had your horoscope finished, and are handling the facts you have gotten from the astrologer. There are strengths within the chart, and also weaknesses, and you’re wondering, “now what”? What can you do approximately it? Is there a manner to counterbalance positive weaknesses, or boom strengths as tons as possible? indeed there may be, and one of the easiest strategies Vedic Astrologers use to derive important effects in a surprisingly brief period of time is thru the carrying of natural, untreated gem stones.


Gem therapy, or planetary gemology, dates again to historical Indian, Greek, Egyptian, and Jewish cultures. women and men might put on gems for the potencies they imparted to them, gemological institute and no longer solely for their economic fee. Kings and Queens could wear gem stones in their crowns and elsewhere at the body as a means of expanding their influence throughout their kingdoms. Of direction the gem stones royalty wore have been extraordinarily huge, and of the best quality imaginable to have such extraordinarily effective effects, but gem stones are nonetheless be utilized these days through the general population at big for all kinds of beneficial outcomes in lifestyles.

The Indian scriptures referred to as the “Vedas” incorporate the maximum whole descriptions and clinical, in addition to sensible expertise, of gem stones. these sacred Sanskrit texts provide particular details about diverse gem stones’ potencies, in addition to the technique of prescription for their proper medical and astrological usage. In historical Vedic tradition, as well as different advanced cultures, gem stones have become the way for directing positive subtle forces of nature. precise properties of gem stones have also been recognized in state-of-the-art current technological world, which include in quartz crystals which might be used in timepieces, and diamonds which might be being used in lasers and supercomputers. As a depend of reality over 1000000000 people inside the global nowadays have taken benefit of Vedic gem therapy to decorate their lives bodily, mentally, or spiritually. only in the west does this seem to be a “new age” idea, for realistically speaking there is extremely little verifiable textual information of this technological know-how from the historical cultures of the western world. in many eastern international locations this technological know-how has been practiced for thousands of years, courting lower back to the earliest recorded histories.


Planetary gemology, or gem remedy used in conjunction with someone’s Vedic horoscope for gem prescription, is based at the historical system of Vedic astrology, a really accurate and enlightening device based totally at the fixed positions of stars and constellations (the sidereal zodiac). This machine is very particular in determining a person’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the prevailing course of 1's future for this lifetime. The positions of the planets at the time of our start reflect the karma that we deliver with us into this life from our beyond moves and stories in preceding incarnations. They constitute the multitude of energies within the universe, every planet controlling a special form of cosmic power this is transmitted at some stage in the solar machine. those transmissions of power are answerable for formations of life on earth, as well as our personal bodies or even minds. The orbiting planets get hold of and give unique wavelengths of energy that keep the order of the solar system. these energies are transmitted as mild.

some other name for Vedic astrology is “jyotish”, or the “science of light”. There are seven primary seen cosmic rays emanated by using the seven essential planets, sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn and invisible rays (ultraviolet and infrared) emanated through the Moon’s north and south nodes, called Rahu and Ketu. The signs and symptoms of the zodiac, as well as the one-of-a-kind homes within the astrological horoscope, constitute the extraordinary fields that the planetary energies react and pass within, thereby giving us facts of ways those energies will let us “read” what our life studies will be in this incarnation. we’re capable of recognize the best of this start inside the identical manner as the nature of a tree may be examine from the seed it’s miles born from. This karma is what will determine how our lives will happen themselves. The planets will display inherent strengths in certain regions of existence, as well as weaknesses that may inhibit our boom and indicate success in specific regions of lifestyles.

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